Saturday, July 25, 2009

7/20-7/25 Checklist

Monday 7/20
√Figaro Filinvest
√Wills and Succession
√Practice Court Meeting
√Bullying at Cafeteria
√Lost sanity
√A, B, O, AB
√Rigor Mortis
√Quiz ala-CSI in Legal Medicine
√Seattles Filinvest

Tuesday 7/21
√Facebook over Wills
√3 hours of waiting for the prof. who ended up ditching us.
√The lucky jacket
√Classmate's bestfriend's dad's wake
√Felt how good the deceased was and his family
√Total Gas Station
√ Fishy

Wednesday 7/22
√Court's Prayer
√Practice Court Meeting
√Complaints Critique
√Absentee Judge
√Law Library
√Lung Center II
√Mini Park
√Hungarian Hotdogs
√Figaro BF-P'que

Thursday 7/23
√Lolo Gaga ☻☻☻
√ Intellectual Property Report
√ Sonny Bono ♥ Cher
√ Declined Michael Buffer Act
√ Figaro Filinvest
√ Left Jacket at Figaro
√ Had to go back at Figaro for my jacket
√ Restaurant City

Friday 7/24
√ Killed Time online
√ Kurt Cobain Journals
√ Filinvest
√ New Polo Barong
√ Chuck Marathon
√ Critique
√ 3AM
√ Sleepless

Saturday 7/25
√ Figaro BF P'que
√ House Party

21 Headbangs:

gillboard said...

taga pque ka din ba?


uy checklist!

I am Xprosaic said...

Wow! haircut! happy new! jejejjejeje... nakakaintriga naman yung lolo gaga... jijijijijiji

Nobe said...

necrophilia? ahaha! i wonder what the story.


elYAS said...

GEE, bising bisi ah. apir!

wohoy, na-miss ko yung dati mong pagsususlat.
heniweis, you're as always a good big boy. :D

buhay pa gumupit kuya? lmao

Anonymous said...

your prof had you waiting for 3 hours when in fact you could have learn so many thing from him/her or finished a book or watch a movie or something. darn! some people lack the decency to be punctual (hypertensive na naman ako! lol)

im also an educator, i teach medical-surgical subjects in academe and review centers but never in my 5 years of work experience did i ask my post-grad students to wait for 3 minutes.

i hate waiting time so i don't ask people to wait for me.

i digress...glad to know your also a coffee addict like us. :D but we're bias with sbux.

HOMER said...

@gillboard Alabang ako.. Lapit lang naman ako sa BF Thanks sa Tirona eh hehe! :D

@Paps Hi paps! :D

@Xprosaic haha! yung dati kong prof yan tawag ng lower batch sa kanya, kasi Poker Face ahaha! kala mo tama yung sagot mo sa recits kasi poker face nga sya haha! tapos biglang tanong sa next student same question haha!!

@Nobe well question lang sya ng prof ko if there's such a crime called necrophilia. Apparently it's not found in our Criminal laws.

@Elyas oo nga Yas eh wala na yung creative will, gusto ko ngang sundan yung sequel ko about Kiko and Francis. hehe!!

@docgelo Oo nga docgelo. Kakainis I miss college na 15 minutes dapat the students can leave na. Kainis sabi kasi on the way tapos biglang di pumasok. Badtrip sayang yung time namin.

<*period*>; said...


marxlin said...


haha.temporarily speechless ba?
anyways, would love to have a bit busy week full of checklist.

the past 2 weeks was a dry spell merayy! been to someplace unreachable by netcon and boom! i was super duper over mega bored. at least, i had my player with me. though fm request lines are temporarily replaced with swine news alert, it still is enough to keep me updated and to keep my sanity intact.haha!

ayan merayy, parang gutom na naman to.ang dami ko na sinabi.haha.kakamiss kasi!

HOMER said...

@period hehe! hi Period! :D
@marxlin hehe di pa naman dumating sa 'dumbest' hehe! buti nalang.. anyway, wow ayus ah! I wish I could live one day not having to think if I have a new message on my social networking sites. Hay.. I miss the simple life. :D

nuts said...

nice to start your week with a new haircut and ends with saturday house party.. :p

Lawstude said...

necrophilia? di nga? lol

HOMER said...

@nuts yeah! I had to have a haircut the bad thing is I didnt like it. hehe!

@lawstude lol! hindi ako yung nagcommit ng act haha!! masyado namang perverted ang gagawa nun haha! Gross! :D


mukhang busy ah

Anonymous said...

hindi ka naman busy niyan? :) akala ko rin kung ano na yung necrophilia entry. buti na lang na-clarify na sa taas. haha

Boris said...

hhmmmm sa may filinvest ka pala. lagi ako nasa festival hehehe

oh btw, I tagged you :)

HOMER said...

@Sablay oo nga eh busy masyado ehehe
@moonsparks ehehe! toxic masyado kahit di ako full load hehe!
@Boris yup yup taga san ka ba?

Jepoy said...

hindi nag iinvite sa house party! Sabagay pang sosyal lang inde pwede ang mga lahi naming dukha :-D

Boris said...

lapet mo pala dun. may mga friends kasi akong pinupuntahan dun hehehe.. saan ka ba malapet?

HOMER said...

@jepoy haha! actually di ako host nung house party, relatives ko, tinulugan ko nga sila eh hehe!!

@Boris Malapit ako sa Town Center at Alabang Hills.. :D

Boris said...

wow lapet nga hehehe XD

hey natag nga pala kita. di mo ata nabasa hehehe XD

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