Saturday, July 18, 2009

7/13-7/17 Checklist

Monday 7/13
√Had a meeting for Practice Court. Criticized some complaint affidavits.
√Learned about medico-legal and special deaths in Legal Medicine!
√All nighter for Wills and Succession.

Tuesday 7/14
√Won the Kurt Cobain item on e-bay.
√Paid for some bills again.
√Headed to school to finish studying for Wills and Succession.
√Didn't finish the coverage, lucky wasn't called in the recits.
√I learned to never ever go to the dean's office and make remarks about the class you just attended without checking if your professor had already left. Damn I'm so dead next meeting.
√Finished the critique on the affidavits while having dinner at Mcdonald's with a classmate.
√Downloaded some Kurt Cobain stuffs

Wednesday 7/15
√Deposited the payment for the Kurt Cobain item I bought on ebay.
√Headed to class. Lucky I wasn't called to lead that 'Court's Prayer' I failed to memorize it haha! √Lucky our law firm didn't get the chance to report since from the previous reporters we found out that we really don't have a cause of action.
√Withdrew some cash
√Went home early.
√Had dinner and took a nap
√Woke up after 3 hours
√Slept at 5AM to finish my Intellectual Property report and notes on our quiz.

Thursday 7/16
√Classes suspended wohoo!!
√Watched Harry Potter, though I'm not a fan. hehe!
√Had coffee.
√Awesome Night ☻☻☻
√Went home feeling sick. Throat hurts.

Friday 7/17
√Woke up at almost 3PM had my first meal for the day.
√"Chuck" Marathon

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ShatterShards said...

Full-time student ka ba?

HOMER said...

@shattershards yup! full time.. :)


Wow! new checklist.

Smile -check!
Stutter - check!

I always have them in my list. :)

HOMER said...

@Acrylique haha!!! bakit naman palagi yan nasa cheklist mo? hehe!

nuts said...

your thursday was really an awesome day, except that your throat hurts you so bad.

HOMER said...

@nuts yeah! If not for my throat that would have been perfect.. :)

Boris said...

you thursday rocks. naku late ka na nagising hmmm... let me guess. wag ka sana maoffen kuya, medyo chubby ka ng konte?

HOMER said...

@Boris yeah it was a rockin' thursday! hehe! chubby? haha!! serious ba yang tanong?.. hmm.. its the other way around.. hehe!!

Boris said...

@Homer, yup it's a serious question but anyway thanks for answering XD

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