Saturday, July 11, 2009

7/6 to 7/10 Checklist

For the lack of sense of zeal and inspiration to write about something here I thought of starting a weekly update of me. I'll make it sort of a checklist so if you want me to elaborate on the details just post a comment here. Ayos?!

√ Learned some forensic stuffs relating to physical injuries in Legal Medicine
√ Had an all-nighter for "Wills"

√ Prepared a birthday party for a professor so she wont hold class. We ended up taking a quiz.
√ BF Homes Hotshots Vanilla Shake
√ BF Homes Figaro sightseeing
√ Met with a balikbayan cousin
√ Bar hop at Alabang
√ went to a place with some "VIP" rooms.

√ Hang-over
√ Withdrew some cash and paid bills
√ Pictorial with fellow school paper staff for the yearbook. Meeting after.
√ Got my Text booklet for Legal Ethics. F-ck that 70% I forgot answering a particular item!
√ Practice Court 1
√ Went home early
√ All-nighter for Intellectual Property report
√ wasted time searching for a Michael Jackson powerpoint template!

√ Gas
√ Starbucks Madrigal
√ Intellectual Property Class (didn't read anything and unprepared for my report)
√ Saved by the bell. Report postponed for next week.
√ Figaro Festival Alabang. Dinner and Read some for "Wills"
√ TV at last

√ No class! wohoo!!
√ Homeboy the whole day..

That's it for now!! I'll update you again next week!!

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jei said...

'Di ko alam napaka busy pala ng sked mo. Friday? Homeboy ka the whole day? Maniwala ako!

HOMER said...

@jei pahinga mode ako.. ewan ko later tonight baka gumimik ehehe!! :)

Anonymous said...

talagang pati po ang hangover ehh kasama sa sched. hehe ;))

HOMER said...

@iamloved hindi naman sya sked eh. hehe!! checklist ng mga nangyari the past week hehe!! :D

Dencio said...

haha... ang cool naman. Btw, anong course mo at sang skul ka tol? =)

Jepoy said...

Ok now we're talkin' elaborate the VIP room thingy ;-D

I would love learning some forensic stuffs too, share share share or create an entry about it loveeet!

HOMER said...

@Dencio dyan lang po sa tabi tabi yung school ko hehe!!

@Jepoy naku yung VIP thingy na yan, huli ka ata nagawang pumasok dyan eh nung 2006 pa, ayun nako kundi ko lang gustong pagbigyan ang mga pinsan ko.. Hmm.. nakow, alam mo na kung ano yan kaw naman eh, baka masira ang reputasyon ko dito pag inelaborate ko pa ng todo.. ehehe!!

Regarding dun sa forensics, hmm.. sige try ko pero baka limited lang ha, baka malaman ng prof kong taga-NBI di ako makakuha ng clearance haha!! :D


Haha. Sige na, post ka about dun sa forensics. Kung ayaw mo eh, dun sa VIP room na lang. :)

O kaya yung WASAK. :)

Jepoy said...

@Homer naku virgin pa po ako at wala po akong alam sa VIP na yan. Ice cream po ba yan? ;-P

Anonymous said...

napaka busy mo pa lang tao. hehe. wasak!

HOMER said...

@Acrylique sige nawalan ng pasok haha!!! :D

@Jepoy asus virgin pa daw haha!! :D

@chikletz oo nga eh, diko nga alam kung bakit nakakapagpost pa din ako kahit busy haha!! :D

Anonymous said...

full sched, whew! at least you've time to party or at least chill out... may kasama pang VIP room...hmmm... (evil grin *-*) i'll be waiting till you post something about it, LOL.

HOMER said...

@docgelo haha!! naku docgelo, nawalan lang ako ng class kaya nakakapagchill. hehe!! naku I dont think I can post something about that VIP room haha!! :)

I am Xprosaic said...

Naku sa alabang ka pala eh sana gumimik tayo nung nandyan ako last june... jejejejjeje...

HOMER said...

@xprosaic sayang! hehe!! next time.. :D

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