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Responsible Thoughts

*The following is a conversation between a classmate and Ely Buendia, who both attended a wake of an ex-Law-Schoolmate.

N: Hi! I'm N and you are?
Ely B. (flabbergasted): Ahm.. I'm Ely.. Ely Buendia.

WTF! I was laughing my ass out when I've heard this from my friend who attended the wake of an ex-Law-Schoolmate's father. Too bad I wasn't there to meet Ely face to face, because of that friggin' subject in school. Now back to N. With her age I was surprised that she didn't know Ely Buendia. I wondered what's her life was during her teenage years. But that's her. I know she's so absorbed by her work, law school and plus the fact that she has to allot her time for his family. Now considering all these, I don't think N could really have a social life with all her responsibilities. I even doubt that she even has the time to watch TV or read a newspaper and be updated with the entertainment industry. So I forgive her for not knowing Ely, or even The Eraserheads. Haha!!

Now, I'd like to talk about the word RESPONSIBILITY. We all have our own responsibilities. From the time we were born up to the time we get old, the word does not leave our side. Our dad would even proclaim from the first time you were born that his son or daughter will be the greatest lawyer, doctor or whatever. From that point on we were given the responsibility by our parents to strive hard in achieving our dreams, though impliedly.

Responsibility takes various forms. Responsibility to our family, Responsibility to our friends, Responsibility to our partners, Responsibility to the girl we impregnated, Responsibility to fellow bloggers, Responsibility to our boss in the company we are working, Responsibility to our country, Responsibility to the world, Responsibility to the society. But I believe the hardest responsibility that we have to deal with is RESPONSIBILITY to OURSELVES.

I must admit that I am having a hard time being responsible of everything that concerns me. I know I am responsible for my health and no doctor nor medicine would treat whatever ailment I have or will have if I won't stop abusing myself and start a healthy lifestyle. I know I have the responsibility to get if not good grades at least passing marks in school, but what am I doing, I am procrastinating a lot and cannot focus on studying. My parents don't even know yet that I won't graduate next year. I just hope I'd be able to muster the guts to tell them soon.

Tsk! Tsk! Emo na naman ako. hehe!!

Eto na lang!

According to my own analysis and thought process there are only two kinds of Responsibilities. Those that are 1)Assumed voluntarily; or 2)Imposed upon, hence there are only two kinds of people based on the responsibilities they take, the ASSUMPTIONISTAs and THE-PUSH-and-PULL.

ASSUMPTIONISTAs(Sometimes called the 'PASAN'- (short for Pasan ang daigdig) or the common term MARTYR)

When a responsibility is assumed voluntarily the one taking it believes in himself that he can do whatever that task or deed is. Assumptionistas are often jack-of-all trades. They have this versatile personality which is a plus-factor because they can actually enter whatever endeavour they want. There are critics who dubbed them as "e-pals" because sometimes their act of volunteerism goes over the top.

A person who voluntarily assumes responsibility is admirable to some extent but some are frowned upon because sometimes there are those who voluntarily assume responsibilities but in the end cannot even execute.

The PUSH and PULL (From the definition of FORCE in Physics)

These people are the ones who are obliged, compelled or forced to take upon a responsibility which they are not absolutely willing to take but because they are either overpowered or there is moral ascendancy on the part of the one imposing such responsibility they give in and accept it.

Push-and-pull people are pitiful on the one hand and admirable in the other. Pitiful because they don't have the strength to express their disagreement to the imposition of the responsibility. Admirable, because of the respect that they have for their superiors or the people with the moral ascendancy giving the responsibility.

I think at some point in our lives we've experienced being an ASSUMPTIONISTA or a PUSH-AND-PULL. There are pros and cons but I guess being in either of those categories would make us realize and learn a lot of things, because a responsibility assumed or imposed, big or small creates a sense of pride and joy in all of us if we have succeeded in fulfilling it.

*By the way I remember a film which centers on the concept RESPONSIBILITY. Try to watch "Babel", the one by Brad Pitt!, one awesome movie!

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PinkNote said...

award po para sa bagong bisita kong blog nyo. sana magrab nyo po kagad! salamat!=)

I am Xprosaic said...

Ang responsibility ba ay pareho sa expectation?! kasi di ko naramdaman na binigyan ako ng matinding responsibility nung musmos pa ako pero ang expectation sa akin sobrang taas... jijijijijiji

nuts said...


fiShBoN3 said...

Nice post on responsibility. Mahirap tlaga yan and maraming ayaw nyan hehehe. Blog hopping here... :D

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Nabasa ko yung physics. SHOCKS! Dumugo lahat ng pores sa katawan ko.. :)


HOMER said...

@pinknote offtopic lol! haha!! anyway thanks

@xprosaic kasi ganito yan, diba if you have a responsibility something is expected of you that you should accomplish. So tingin ko expectations and responsibility go hand in hand. Labeling lang nagkakaiba pero the results are the same eh. parang ganito: I am expecting you to be a doctor. VS. I hold you responsible for your career as a doctor. para kasing if there's a responsibility there is an expectation and when there's an expectation there's a responsibility. Parang mas formal lang ang dating pag responsibility. Wahhh ang gulo ko haha! pasensya na laseng haha

@nuts wow fan ka din ni Ely hehe!! taga Las Pinas lang sya haha malapit din samin haha!!

@fishbone salamat fishbone. mahirap pero nakakadagdag ng morale paminsan.

gesmunds said...

Hi Homer!! wahaha! at last!
anyway,, gosh?? who doesnt know ELY BUENDIA???!! sayang naman, parang dami niya na-miss sa life niya..
kun sa bagay, kanya kanya naman yan... :)

teka,, ako yata minsan assumptionista, minsan push and pull... either way,, defining moment sating lahat yan e..of how will you face each responsibity na nakalatag sa harap natin..

nga pala, maraming salamat tulong sa pagbuo ng magandang blogspot... maraming humahanga! astig ka! buti na lang nanjan ka,, you're the best!!!

marxlin said...

I can’t see a thing!!! I needed to highlight the entire page to get me going and read what’s being written (or typed perhaps). And yeah, got myself pissed – due to this stubborn to hell pc. My eyes are seriously swirling, dizziness noted and boom! am ready to land the clutter.

Anyways, responsibility freaks me often less than other people know. Though I would like to believe that it’d make out a better me the moment I acknowledge one (as what mama would always lecture me on about). But whether it’s responsibility or expectation or whatever, I’ve learned that facing things head on does a lot of help. Responsibility will only be a responsibility only when you admit its being. And to whether the person’s an assumptionista or the push and pull type, still it’s important to gain self-worth and a sense of persona in what that responsibility will turn you into and about.

Wait merayy, I don’t think am making sense am I? haha! Though I guess am okay now. :p

HOMER said...

@gesmunds well yeah at least naman nafufulfill nya yung responsibilities nya kahit she misses a lot of things in her life. Anyway yeah defining moment talaga lalo na pag nafulfill mo yung responsibility.

@marxlin wawa ka naman, tapon mo na yang pc na yan hehe!! oo naman you made sense naman sa comment mo. Medyo profound nga eh. AYus. You're right when you said that its important that you gain self-worth and a sense of persona. As ive said no matter how big or small or how you got yourself into that responsibility what is important is what you gained after.

Jepoy said...

And here's my two cents...

Dumugo nanaman ang ilong ko 'liban sa english ito parang nakikita ko sa paraan ng manulat mo Atty Homer ang aking college proffesor sa asignaturang Sociology na kung saan ay muntik na kong makakuha ng singko. Anyhow, hindi yan ang punto ko. I'm one of those Asumptionista's I guess because I always feel the need to at least assume responsibility in any such instance that will require important output. Let's say sa Design Class noong college, we are all not good students in one group but because i feel the need that someone should stand and assume the lead role to fulfill our dream to finish college , i did it. Wait lang parang blog ko narin to, and hindi na sya two cents parang five cents na ahahahaha nag feeling close lang bow! ang hirap palang mag pretend ng intelehente sa comment box ahahha

HOMER said...

@Jepoy alam mo Sociology talaga gusto ko dapat na course nung college eh kaso wala daw pera dun ayun hehe!!

Wow ang galing at least kung di ka nagtake ng lead role eh di hindi kayo naggraduate! ayus yan! oh eh di sobrang pasasalamat ng members ng group mo sayu! so diba? the credit goes to you! thats something to feel good na din.

Anu ba? basta magcomment ka sa blog ko ayus na yun at least you took time to read or kahit skim lang. Intelehente man o hindi yung comment appreciated yun.

Teka Andami mo barya ah! haha!!

Anonymous said...

1st, siguro kung friend ko ung friend mo.. responsibilidad kong batukan sya kung hindi nya kilala si ely buendia. haha! joke lang.

2nd, maganda nga ung BABEL pero ang iniisip kong main theme nun eh stereotype and racism.

finally, tama ka na simula't sapol pa lang ay may responsibilidad na tayo. i think mga pagsubok yon para tumatag ang pagkatao natin at paniniwala.

DETH said...

wala bang median yung assumptionista at push and pull? ahahaha...

hindi naman ako nagvovolunteer sa responsibilities, pero feeling ko responsable akong pasanin/gawin ang mga bagay bagay sa the same time marami rin akong responsibilities na compelled akong in people are expecting you to do this and that...

pero tama ka dun sa sinabi mo, these responsibilities once achieved are indeed fulfillment mo rin.

PS. hala ka! mapapalo kah, sabihin mo na..nyahahaha

HOMER said...

@chikletz hehe!! kawawa naman pag nabatukan haha!! i forgive her na haha!! :D Yung Babel oo yun ata yung main theme nya pero Ive read a review kasi din that the movie is also about responsibility. Anyway basta maganda yung movie hehe!!

@Deth ikaw dagdagan mo ng median wala na ko maisip eh quickpost lang to hehe!! UU nga eh baka mapalo ako sige sabihin ko na pag nagkaron ng chance hehe!

Anonymous said...

Bakit hindi ka makakagraduate? Puro inuman ang pinupuntahan mo no? :P

Anyway, thanks for sharing about RESPONSIBILITY. Sa ngaun, ako ay tinatamad na tupdin ang aking mga responsibilidad =(

HOMER said...

@myunrevealedthoughts hmm.. naku medyo mahabang paliwanagan, ive incurred a lot of absences dun sa mga minor subjects ko ayun, lumampas sa max units na pwede i-overload sa fourth year. kainis nga eh lampas lang ako ng 2 units na back subject, ayun kaya di ako pwede magtake ng major subjects sa fourth year.. ayun hehe! saka madami pang nangyari kasi hehe!!


mnsan may mga pagkakataong ntatakot ako sa gnyan lalo na pag biglaan, yung bglaang responsibilidad.

hal. tulad ng sabi mo nkabuntis, pra kasing pg ngyari yun bglang maiiba takbo ng aking buhay.

pro naniniwala parin ako... with great power comes great responsibility...

prang uncle lang ni peter parker,lols

RICO DE BUCO said...

we're talking all this time and you have a problem and you didnt tell me? y y y delilah..hahaha..thats y ur drnking when you last texted me..dude,this entry of yours is very credible..and it makes sense..naks im proud to be your friend...hehehe..nwei,youll be fine dont worry Bro has a way.

<*period*>; said...

huhu, nosebleed..isususmbong kita sa nanaty ko,,palagi mong pinasasakit ang ulo ko..huhuhuhu..di ka na pwedeng makilaro ng family computer..huwaaaaaaaaah..anong klaseng word verification yun..semen

HOMER said...

@Hari ng Sablay wow mukhang speaking from experience ka ah! haha! Tama nga naman kaya idol ko si Spidey eh! hehe!! kaso parang ginasgas ni Pacman yang linyang yan eh haha!!

@Rico naku rico wala hindi ko iniiinom ang problema haha!! happy happy lang yun, walang kinalaman yung aking di paggraduate on time haha!! wow tats naman ako dun PROUD ka! hehe!!

@period uy musta naman! nose bleed ba?! hindi nga kagaya ng iba ang post ko eh, hindi malalim na ingles yan hehe!! nice word verification haha!! :D


Nabasa ko yung physics. SHOCKS! Dumugo lahat ng pores sa katawan ko.. :)


Dencio said...

nice post pareng homer...

i learned something today hehehe.... =)

HOMER said...

@Acrylique Andami ko ng napapadugo ang ilong wahhh!! RESPONSIBILITY ko ngayung patigilin ang pagdugo ng mga ilong niyo wahaha!!! :D

@Dencio it's good that you learned something hehe!! :D

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