Friday, October 31, 2008

Update. Update..

Wednesday. October 29. It was enrollment day. Medyo nakakainis kasi late ako dumating to get the schedule so, nasarahan ako ng magandang schedule. I was a little but irritated kasi wala man lang kumuha ng number sakin para naman nakaabot din ako sa magandang sked, but I just rationalize things and realized that as an advocate of justice, eh, to be fair with those who woke up early and went to school even before the enrollment starts eh I should really give way. And I must suffer the consequences.

And so as I've said to my closest classmates, that weighing the schedules of the two sections we chose from, I could say that there are advantages naman choosing the section we're we enrolled at. Isa pa, I actually thought about the night before the enrollment of taking tax 2 with Prof. Acosta rather than Caban. It would be more advantageous I think for me in the BAR.

Anyway, bat ganun kaya? ang awkward pa din namin ni Mike. I want to talk to him, but finding out that he failed Civil Procedure and automatic 5 years na sya sa law school, I kind of hesitated. Knowing him, I know it really is painful for him. I don't know what really happened to him, but the results of the midterms exams is really sort of a bird's eye view na of what's going to be the result of our final grades with Dean Jara. During these times, I want to be a friend to him, well I am naman. But I want to at least comfort him, and let him feel that I am here. May pinagsamahan din naman kami, which unfortunately medyo nasira. Anyway, I know there's a reason for his failure and he'll soon be grateful when he finds it in the end.

As scheduled, the interview for the prospective college scholars of ours was conducted also last wednesday afternoon. So ayun, we have to choose from the initial four students. I was shocked nung nagstart na kami and 3 of the four students cried during the interview when they are telling their family background and other things about them. I was a little bit rude I know, when I grinned once in a while, but I really felt whatever they are dealing with.

Nakakalungkot isipin na may mga tulad pala nila na kahit na naghihikahos sa buhay eh, gusto talagang makatapos ng pag-aaral. Yung iba kasi sa kanila, wala ng pamilya at nag-woworking student. Naisip ko nalang napakaswerte ko pa din talaga, na nakakapagaral ako. These students really inspired me more. These students taught me to value everything I have right now. I want to thank these people. They have somehow, strengthened the passion I have to continually support the advocacy for change. The passion of helping the needy when I became a lawyer.

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