Friday, October 31, 2008


I asked someone on a date. We've known each other like for almost two years now. Met her in a video shop. Nasa ugali ko na siguro to get attracted with someone, the first time you meet them and you have this feeling na this one's a good catch. So after a few visits at the video shop, medyo pa-cute and all the stuffs a guy does to catch someone's attention, from the tolerable to the lamest! Anyway, ayun, I can brag that I really caught her attention naman. I asked my friend to call their shop and ask for her number haha! Well, as far as I remember binigay naman nya. So during my next visit in their store, ayun medyo feel ko kinain ako ng lupa sa hiya kasi naman, kakaiba tumingin yung ibang staffs and alam ko they know already who I am and the lamest move I just did to get her attention!

We had the chance to eat together, so, I can say we had a date naman, kahit na ang cheap ng place and with some company. But I don't know what happened, parang biglang nawala yung interest ko sa kanya, I don't know.

But we managed to keep the communication lines open. Text-text, pero hanggang dun lang. Not until after almost two years, I've somehow realized that maybe I should try to continue whatever I've started way way back!

Iba yung na-fefeel ko ngayon eh, I don't know, maybe I've matured na din, or should I say I have moved on?! harhar! But Law school really is my number one enemy that's why I am holding back my feelings, to anyone. Ang hirap eh, plus the fact that I am uncertain whether I am really ready to commit to someone. One can say, that there's no harm in trying, but I don't want to risk a relationship anymore. I don't want to hurt someone. I don't want to put burden again on someone.

But this I could say, I am more than willing to enter into a relationship right now than before!

As the song goes, "Now I'm ready this time, I know that I'm no longer undecided.."

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