Wednesday, October 22, 2008


How do you measure maturity? Or when do you say that a person is mature enough? By the way, I’m not talking about age here. I bet you know the concept of maturity I am talking about.

Everyday we deal with a lot of people, some our age, some a little older than us. Despite the difference in age, we try to mingle with them. We try to cope up with the level of maturity these people have. But what if, despite trying, you’ll end up asking yourself why you tried in the first place. When it’s a given fact that mature people and immature ones cannot co-exist, well figuratively..

Now, how would you determine if one is mature or immature? How do you get rid of immature people around you? Is it possible to treat them as if they ‘really do not exist’ in your world?

Immaturity makes any kind of relationship too fragile to handle. Much more when you’re in an environment where you expect people to be a little bit competitive with each other. In an environment, where you’re not even sure whose your enemy. In an environment, where there’s the possibility of people not only stabbing you behind your back but even when they are in front of you.

I am sick of immaturity and I’m afraid I can’t tolerate anymore all forms of it. The past few weeks that I became silent about everything that’s happening is already a statement. As I always say to myself, the more I talk, the more I could cause harm or trouble. And I guess there are some things which are not worth talking anymore because people would just end up arguing.

To those people who have seen my rage well that’s just about me. And to those people who have seen how I almost ruthlessly broke the innocent fixtures around, that’s just the way I release the rage inside me. So sorry for that.

Having said ‘sorry’, I want to talk about apologizing and the word ‘Sorry’. ‘Sorry’ is such a strong word for me, yet I find people almost always saying ‘sorry’ to others. It has become so casual a word that people saying ‘Sorry’ doesn’t even mean it. I’m the type of person who doesn’t believe that people are sorry when they say they’re ‘sorry’.

As they say, ‘talk is cheap’, so show me, let me feel that you’re really sorry for what you’ve done. I have a very analytical way of thinking so if the words coming from your mouth don’t appeal to common sense then I naturally have a hard time believing what you’re saying is true.

Taking the cue from ‘talk is cheap’ and relating this to the concept of immaturity, I must say that this two can stand together. Why? Because an immature person usually is a talk-shit! He/she says that he/she will do this or that. Or that he/she promises to do something for you or that he/she screams to the whole world that he/she loves you, and in the end they’ll ditch you. I believe a person’s maturity is measured by how he/she is firm and consistent with whatever he/she says no matter what.

Just a reminder to readers of my blog, talk-shits and those who don’t have ‘Word of honor’ are on top of the list of people who eventually I’ll get rid of. So spread the word!

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