Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Have you ever felt so alone? Yeah right, we do get a share of solitude once in a while. It's a given truth we have to deal with, that people will leave you.

Even if there are still a few people I hang out with in Law School, still I feel I am alone. Law School stresses me big time. Readings, recitations and examinations are inevitable stressors, but I never thought that people you get to mingle with in law school could give you stress!

Tang-ina talaga! Sobrang dami ng immature sa Law School. To think that we're actually in post-grad studies. I tried being insensitive, being somewhat apathetic about events happening in Law School, yet I can't seem to understand why I would get involve in a petty issue. Tang-ina talaga!

I feel so sad tonight. I feel like crying, yet I can't. I don't know. I can't say that "bato" na ako, coz why would I feel this way diba?..

A friend reminded me the idea of "detachment". The idea which led me to believe that I can actually move on with my life without those people who didn't even care.

I'm tired of being good and doing good to others (well to people in law school for that matter). I'm tired of immaturity. I'm tired of insensitivity. I'm tired of being disappointed.

BURAOT NA BURAOT TALAGA AKO!!!!!! I want to be alone, yet being alone kills me! I want to be with someone, with people you share your interests with and people you can laugh out with. People who wouldn't leave you for others. Tang-ina kasi talaga eh!


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