Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Today is Independence Day. A day which is supposed to be a holiday for the Filipinos but for economic purposes it was declared a regular office day. A regular scheme followed by the GMA Administration mainly not to disturb the economic activities in the country. Usually when the holiday falls on a day in the middle of a week then the Malacañang adjusts the celebration of the holiday and announces a long weekend.

I actually went to Mendiola, along with Ivan today to get the check for the funds which will be used in the freshmen orientation, since I am the finance committee head the check was named after me. I encashed it and then proceeded to Mari's house to hand it over to her for them to pay the downpayment for the food. Good thing we had a free lunch!

Anyway, talking bout independence, I have watched last Sunday in Y-Speak a segment about 'independent living'. This segment was really a slap on my face since like after college I thought of living independently from my family. But until now I am still living with them. But it's quite difficult to jump into a decision to be independent and I don't think I could cope with it right now since I am pursuing my dream of becoming a lawyer. I think I need my family,not just for the financial support they are giving me but the moral support as well. And besides I still want to support them also in their endeavors and help out in our business.

Today is the 109th Independence Day Celebration, and of course a lot of talk shits would be heard from our DEARLY BELOVED PRESIDENT, and I don't want to talk about it much less care to listen to her speech.

I think Filipinos though freed from colonialization are still slaves in our country. We are slaves of the promises of the politicians. Promises of a progressive country and a better life. We are slaves of corruption in the government, a very swift and surreptitious conqueror of every cent which we laboured for.

I hate the way our system of government works. I hate the freedom that the government officials has which they use to steal money from us. I hate the freedom that the government officials has to use power in order to curtail the justice system. I hate the freedom of those in power to steal the freedom of the Filipinos to voice out their grievances.

In my own little way, when I became a lawyer, I hope the freedom that was being abused by those in power could well be transformed into an upright freedom to give
to the people the freedom they truly deserve. The freedom to live a decent life.

Despite all of what I've said I am still proud to be a Filipino. I know we could stand up one day and be proud of country. I am positive about this, I know we could effect change!

Happy Independence Day!

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