Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I just enrolled myself last Monday. It’s good to see again my close friends in Law School and it’s good to hear their stories.

I also shared a little bit of what has been going on in my mind the past few weeks. The last few weeks were as confusing as always when the thought of continuing with Law School pops in my head.

I actually wanted to transfer to another school. There’s this thought that the Beda-environment is not conducive for me. I am quite bored as well with the monotonous studying. Maybe because I got used to a lot of activities during college. I actually also would like somehow to escape responsibility, because I find it hard to lead people. Maybe because it’s just hard to accept the fact that ‘leadership’ haunts me, whenever I go. Before entering Law School I set my mind that I would not accept any position as a leader of whatever group or organization. But leadership really haunts me, so I decided to succumb to it. But now, I’m glad that my buddies are helping me out. And I think it’s below the list of my reasons why I want to transfer.

As I have said with my buddies “the bond that I have created with you served as a major factor that’s why I’ve decided to continue in Beda”. And it was. I think it would be hard for me to find new friends again like these buddies I have now. It is with these friends of mine that I can be who I am.

Another thing, transferring to another school requires quite a lot of adjustments and I think it takes a lot of time to do that. Though it would depend on the school you are transferring.

Beda is not beda alone without the prestige attached to its name. Though a lot of people would say that it is still upon yourself whether you’d be successful or not, but of ten people how many of them would end up as a hotshot lawyer on his own. I would say I am giving up the opportunities that Beda caters me if I will be transferring from another school. I would waste the time and effort I exerted studying just to attain the QPI (Quality Point Index), which I could say without bragging, is far from the minimum.

I have decided to stay. And I will for as long as I could, for as long as I am happy. And for as long as I can be who I am.

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