Sunday, June 10, 2007

Expect the Unexpected

I never thought that Donna’ s birthday would be such a great day for me. Things do happen when you least expect it.

It was wonderful that my Kanlungan friends and I got to bond again together and share laughs. Melvin was there, which was quite a surprise for me. Happee who explicitly said that she is now almost always present in Kanlungan events just after her breakup, is really an announcement that seems to give a smile on my face.

Just after singing our chosen songs in the videoke and taking pictures which is not to be missed, and the planning for our Galera getaway on the 16th, I actually initiated a birthday wish/message to Donna which other Kanlungan people did also. I even thought of capturing their messages on video.

After everyone has given their messages and wishes to Donna, it’s Donna’s turn to give her “thank you speech” which turned out into an unexpected revelation. So I turned off the video ‘cause it was really something personal for her. Everyone of us, except Happee I think, who knows the story, was in awe when we heard it. Everyone thought that Donna’s relationship is doing good. But as I’ve said expect the unexpected, I just hope she could get over her problem.

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