Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Week-long Update

I really hate my subject property. It’s like I cannot comprehend that much the provisions of the Civil Code regarding that. And my professor, I think is just playing on us. I mean from the way he throws questions at us, which actually I never thought would be asked by a professor like him, who happens to be a bar topnotcher. So I really have to make it double or triple time in studying.

With regard to my Sales class, it seems that my professor is not that hard on me when he calls me for recitation. I don’t know if I’m just lucky or he intentionally make it easy for me. Is it because I am the beadle of the class? I hate to think this way, but the thing is I’m happy that I don’t lose the momentum so far in studying. I like the way my professor in Sales ask questions which actually don’t have any correct answers. I like his objective of making us analyze and argue. Aside from the fact that I find him lenient when it comes to recitations. But I’m not satisfied with my last recitation with him, “so sabog” hehe!, I should really be ready for anything. I was ready for an argument on the three conflicting cases regarding Article 1479 of the Civil Code, however I was asked instead of another case, how could I forget that Serra vs. CA case!, I was an idiot! I was the one who digest it, and all of a sudden when I was called to recite it I rattled! Anyway, I was also surprised to recite Article 1480 of the Civil Code! That was really unexpected, good thing I managed to recite the provisions. I just got confused when he asked me what’s the general rule and exception with regard to the risk of loss at the time of perfection of the contract but before delivery of the thing. Well, I was dumbfounded for a few seconds, and actually inventing a new doctrine! Haha! Good thing, there really is no general rule and exception, since the provisions covering those were really irreconcilable, citing that the Civil Code was based on numerous foreign Codes.

Hay, Election Law! I was somehow prepared for the recitation last Tuesday but a quiz was instead given by my professor, ‘cause he’s rushing to get the COMELEC resolution for his client Koko Pimentel. Anyway, I’ll fail that quiz! I don’t know all the seven commissioners of the COMELEC! Whoah! Unexpected again!

Criminal Procedure last Monday made me dizzy! With all due respect to those who recited, I’ve learned that it’s still good to know enough, rather than to know a lot. I’ve learned that humility is a value that every law student should learn or I think everyone for that matter. Being humble that you don’t know everything in a subject matter would lead to enlightenment at the end of the day. I’ve learned that settling with the basics is safer than going for more.

I like Atty. Cabaneiro! Aside from giving us a time off to relax a bit, with his absence, I’m quite surprised that he asked me only a few questions when he called me for recitation last meeting in Banking, compared to others who were given a lot of questions to answer. I just found myself saying “yes” to him, while he discussed the whole part which I think I supposed to recite! Haha!

Well, I’m a little bit bugged by my conscience when I didn’t attend Ambassador Tolentino’s class! It was unfortunate for me that I stumbled upon him in the Cafeteria and the Law library. Haha! So kapal muks that I could still greet him when we crossed ways. Haha!

What a way to end the week with Judge Serrano! Haha! I don’t know what makes me so sleepy, this week, that I go to school as early as 7.30am and then spend most of my time sleeping! Haha! I even slept in the chapel this afternoon and opted not to study in LTD! Hay! Judge Serrano was really hilarious! His “angry tone” when he asked questions during the recitation was hilarious!

On the lighter side:

I was glad that Nil, Mike and I have successfully found a tailor shop to embroider the jacket we bought. Now the spirit of Law School is now with us when we wear it! Haha!

I was fond of teasing and making kulitan with Mike this past week! Haha! Anyway at least we forget the toxic readings when we do that haha! “Pampaalis antok at windang haha!”

Last Tuesday since we were dismissed early in Election Law and we don’t have classes the following day we went to Gerry’s Grill to unwind, and I was glad that I had a taste of beer again! Haha!

The following day I had fun when we distributed food to street children, “Lex Libris for a cause” as we dubbed it! Haha! The funny thing is the Lex Libris that we sold is not yet working haha!

Mike and I planned to watch transformers that same day but it’s not anymore showing in ATC Cinemas, we met Dos unexpectedly and we watched Die Hard 4 instead! The movie was good! We just rescheduled watching transformers, which actually is supposed to be today. But unfortunately, the screening time of the cinemas did not match our schedule. Mike and I just had a snack at Jollibee in Alabang. But it was still relaxing though, as we had the time to talk and share a lot of stories.

Hay! What a way to end the week! After arriving at home, I’ve made a skin theme for my phone, find cases, check emails and then sleep. It was just strange that I woke up at around 11pm at the same time receiving a text quote from a girl I courted for so long which did not materialize into a relationship! Wee!! It was strange!, receiving a text and the text quote itself from her.

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