Wednesday, June 6, 2007


How powerful can someone in power be? Why is it that people always try to be close with people who are at the helm of power?

Being associated or connected with people in power indirectly benefits anyone who gains such connection. Our family supported a certain political figure last elections who won. There comes a time when my parents utter some words which implies that the political figure’s success in the elections is also their success.

Initially, I actually wanted to support this political figure but then, when I have searched his performance during his term and his background I changed my mind. That’s why when I hear my relatives talking about this political figure I am dismayed because I don’t think this political figure will do a good job.

Going back to “connections”. A lot of people who support politicians who run for whatever elective position of course want a return on whatever support they have given to the politician. This also could not be set aside by the politicians as it could well be described as “utang na loob”. The system works as if there is a give-and-take relationship between the givers of support and the takers. And when the politician wins, it’s payback time. A switch of characters happens, the system of give-and-take, gives us a picture where the politician becomes a giver of benefits and the supporter becomes the taker. A clear description of bribery.

Although indirectly I may be benefited by the winning of this politician I am talking about with the business transactions that my parents or relatives which would need some backing-up from powerful people in the government, I am completely disgusted by the way politics is being used to gain the power to really manipulate the law and the appropriate system of the government.

It’s actually hard for me to keep my silence on this with my family although in my actions I could well give them a picture of my disgust with their way of thinking. But in due time I know I could let people be reminded that we should be the ones that should clean up the system that we created, the system which created the corrupt officials in the government. The corruption will only continue if we tolerate ourselves to associate with them for the purpose of gaining connections that would indirectly give us also power.

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