Saturday, August 1, 2009

7/27 to 8/01 Checklist

Monday 7/27
√Ditched SONA
√No classes
√Sleep All day

Tuesday 7/28
√Java Man BF-P'que
√Lost in Wills
√Pier One

Wednesday 7/29
√Practice Court Quiz
√Trust Fund Agreement
√Truth Serum
√Seasons in the Sun

Thursday 7/30
√Suggestive Marks
√Intellectual Property Quiz
√Figaro Filinvest
√Seattles Filinvest
√Old Sweethearts
√Good Friends

Friday 7/31
√ Truth Serum
√ Zombie
√ Wills
√ 9 years
√ New Character
√ Wills

Saturday 8/01
√ Last copy of Kurt's Book in Australia
√30 AUS dollars
√Stuck in the Rain
√President Cory Aquino- RIP

7 Headbangs:

I am Xprosaic said...

Parang andaming movies sa listahan ah... jejejjejeje

HOMER said...

@xprosaic movies? haha!! feeling mo lang yun.. :D

the donG said...

wow! looks like the week was well captured. hehehe...

HOMER said...

@the Dong yeah! hehe! but a little less busy this week, quite unproductive, coz my brain's preoccuppied with thoughts of "her".. :D

DETH said...

helow helow helow...
at talagang ginawa mo nang diary etong blog mo ah:P

HOMER said...

@deth ehehe!! wala ng time magisip ng isusulat eh.. hehe! :D

Boris said...

ditched sona??? why naman, at least kahit konte nakita mo yung presidente.kahit kamay lang XD

pimple? naku dont pop it :)

wow talagang nasa festival ka palage. makapunta rin pala sa figaro baka makita kita hahaha as if :p

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