Saturday, August 8, 2009

Seriously, I'm not on drugs!

It's past 2AM already and I thought I really really really need to release some thoughts.

Remember my post on the 11:11 Phenomenon? Well, actually since I've posted it, it didn't stop from recurring.

Over the past few weeks or days, I've observed that the sightings have gone abnormal. I find it unusual to have sightings 4 or 5 times a day. But I still ignored it, until tonight.

The last sighting I can remember for this evening was 11:11PM. I ignored it and thought it's just one of the normal sightings I often encounter. After finishing my Chuck Marathon, Kurt Cobain recorded interviews and checking my social network accounts, I went to bed. It was around 12 AM on my cellphone. I noticed that my cellphone is running out of battery but for some reason I didn't charge it. And for some other reason I activated the Vibe Mode, which I've not done for years now.

I fell asleep as soon as I closed my eyes, which is unnatural for an insomniac like me. Well of course, I don't know what happened next because I was sleeping. So I'd go straight ahead to the point of this entry now.

I was awakened by a vibrate of my phone or so I thought. I checked my phone, but there aren't any messages or missed calls. But the thing that gave me creeps is that it's exactly 2:22AM on my phone. I rushed into my pc and turned it on, blogging is the first thing that really got into my head. I waited for windows to load and in a couple of minutes my desktop appeared on the screen. But damn!, when I turned my eyes to the clock display, you wouldn't believe!, it's 2:22AM. I just realized that I set the time on my cellphone a few minutes advanced than the regular time, since I use it as my alarm clock.

Now for the second time I am asking, was this pure coincidence?

Now this time I am not putting my opinion on hold. I am quite positive that this is some sort of a sign which I should really figure out. Can't help but ask myself if I should really accept the fact that there are really angels protecting people, as what "Phenomenon 11:11" proclaims.

Whatever it is, I'd like to remind you guys, and I promise, I am not on drugs.

Well, I've been thinking about the events that happened before these so-called sightings of mine which hypothetically speaking if we're going to apply the concept of "11:11 Phenomenon" (which you might want to read to understand me more) could have made me experience it awhile ago. And I recalled that there's only one thing that's worthy of consideration, my father who I've not been seeing for quite sometime for reasons too personal for me to tell here, texted me. He's got a new number actually, and as I checked the new number again, I noticed that the combination of the numbers and its order is quite striking. (i.e. 718-7180- not actual number).

But I guess, nothing is more striking than a son who didn't even care to reply to a simple text from his own father. Sigh.**

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gillboard said...

Magkakasundo kayo ng best friend ko.. ganun din siya. Sabi niya sakin seeing three's daw yung ganyan. Sign daw yun. Inexplain niya yun sakin, pero di ko naiintindihan. For him, lagi may something significant na nangyayari sa mga ganung oras or something...

Jepoy said...

Nag try akong basahin ang mga articles about your post. Malalim pala ito masyado, and only you (and others who experienced it) can dig in deeper to it. Ewan kung coincidence sya pero this statement caught my attention

"I believe that people who have constant contact with the 1111 phenomena have some type of a positive mission to accomplish."

Maybe, it's first sign for you to reconsider communicating with you Dad, maybe he got problems or whatever that I don't know. That is for you to find out :-D

Have a nice weekend!

Boris said...

wow another interesting post.

hmmmm... i think it IS a sign. i also read your other blog entry and crap no one commented on that hehehe.. kasi interesting naman talaga

anyway, i think you should wait for another sign then totally get into this stuff.

Boris said...

teka, ewan ko kung related yung #7 hehehe

oh btw, try fixing the timezone for your comments. it says PM ako nagcomment pero umaga ngaun XD

I am Xprosaic said...

naku baka kelangan mo lang yan itaya sa lotto or last two... baka yayaman ka pa... jejejejejjejeje

HOMER said...

@gillboard wow really!? wala pa talaga ako ganun masyadong alam dito it was shared lang din to me by my friend kasi medyo skeptic talaga ako sa mga ganito eh. But sometimes talaga iba yung feeling eh parang may ibig sabihin yung mga nangyayaring ganito.

@boris well thanks boris, ill really try to figure this out. ayan naayos ko na yung time sa comments ehehe

@xprosaic lol ehehe! parang ang hirap naman ng combinations na yan pag sa lotto parang kulang ehehe!

gesmunds said...

cant help but agree with gillboard and jepoy...
maybe you need to somehow communicate with your dad... and a thought for a mission you still yet to accomplish...

gogogo bro! :)

HOMER said...

@gesmunds so bro mo nako ngayon? ehehe! :D well thanks! well I replied to him na.

burn078 said...

I really read thoroughly your post. You may consider this as coincidence but it could be also stating something else. Whatever things that struck in your minds,and you think hindi ito nakasasama sa iyong sarili at sa ano mangbagay, then you have to go for it....

I hope that you will visit my site.

HOMER said...

@burn078 salamat burn. visit ko site mo in awhile.


naku ang oras ko ngayon dito sa pc ko ay 1:17am, palitan mo yung 7 ng 1 ay 111, haha pinilit eh noh,

pero dahil sa sinabi mo natatakot ako,aakyat nako nito matutulog na ko, magkukulubot ako sa kumot,

wala naman kinalaman tong pinagsasabi ko dito,pahiram nalang ng Chuck,haha

HOMER said...

@Hari ng Sablay lol! naku dinownload ko lang torrent yung Chuck. ehehe! badtrip nga nabitin ako eh, cant wait for season 3 kaso next year pa daw.

Anonymous said...

creepy nga yun..

pero pinaka natakot ako

nung time na:

666 ang hits ng blog ko

666 nainput na digits sa cell ko
na galing sa bulsa

Anonymous said...

madalas ko maexperience na magising (sa hatinggabi o pag natutulog sa hapon) na ang oras sa relo ay 12:17,1:17, 2:17...etc.

kasama kaya ito sa 1111phenomenon? maipilit lang. :)

ayoko ng mga ganito. matatakutin pa naman ako. creepy pare!

HOMER said...

@jasonhamster now that's creepy!

@kuri di ata yan kasma dun sa 1111phenomenon read the link.. :D iba siguro yan ehehe!!

Boris said...

buti at nabago mo na :)

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