Sunday, August 9, 2009

8/03 to 8/09 Checklist

Monday 8/03
√Lesbo Action
√Group effort
√Starbucks Madrigal
√All nighter

Tuesday 8/04
√Board Work
√Lovin' the numbers
√"Forgiveness is not enough"
√Ditched Tavern Asia
√Brooklyn Pizza
√Pier One
√San Mig Light

Wednesday 8/05
√Cory's Funeral
√Intellectual Property

Thursday 8/06
√Cut Class
√Black Slacks
√Black Shoes
√Old Spaghetti
√San Mig Light
√Bothered classmates

Friday 8/07
√ Mcdo
√Chuck Marathon
√Restaurant City
√Presidentiables Profiles

Saturday 8/08
√ Homeboy
√My Old Man
√Cool Center
√Banana Split

Sunday 8/09
√Early Bird
√U-turn to Alabang Hills
√Gate 1 Parking
√Festival Mall
√Juice Avenue
√Nike Bag
√Niece and bro

2 Headbangs:

Jepoy said...

puro Junks ang pagkain ni Atty! Try mo mag gulay minsan yung lutung bahay lang :-D

HOMER said...

@jepoy kumakain naman ako ng hindi junks.. ehehe! :D

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