Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hay.. the field of law!

Hmm.. I've been busy for quite sometime because of law school, which is really getting tougher and tougher as days go by, but so far so good, yet I still want to vent out which I often do as you know, when something's bugging me. Well, it has long been my problem when I entered the system, which is law school. I wonder if ever the connotation that the law profession is so dirty would leave my senses, when in fact, even if you're still in law school you experience some dirty tactics of your fellow students, moreso if they are your close friends and they offer you to take their materials. It's like you're being pushed to use a prohibited drug which later on would make you addicted and cannot live without it.

I am not certain whether the things on my mind could be considered dirty tactics in order to pass one's subjects but somewhat I feel that there is injustice going on. I really admire those classmates of mine who really settle for what is fair and just for their fellow students. I do try as much as possible not to be singled-out by the system but it is really tempting, because it's a sure way for a passing mark, but with the sense of idealism I have I really feel so disgusted when I see those 'dirty harry's.

I must admit, I had my share of those 'dirty harry' things, and I feel bad about it. It only shows that I, too have been maligned by the system. There's this struggle going on right now in my mind, thoughts are flowing in and out. Thoughts which provoke my inner senses either to fight the system, to live up with the system and shut my mouth or join those dirty harry's. It's hard to choose, even choosing the lesser evil makes you wonder whether it would give you good results.

Hay.. the field of law!

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