Friday, June 6, 2008


I've been encountering a lot of eerie things in the past months. I don't want to believe that I am gaining ESP(Extra-Sensory Perception) but from the following events I kind of thinking that I might be developing some ESP.

First Instance.
Mari, Nil and I are about to meet Jamie and I have a hunch that Jamie's wearing red and yes he was wearing red when he arrived in our meeting place.

Second Instance. Mari, Nil and I are going to Carmona, Cavite to attend the wake of Bujick's mom, while we are on our way, a thought comes on my mind that Bujick is taking a bath, and I was right. When we arrived at their house, she was actually taking a bath so we waited a little bit for her.

Third Instance. When I got home, I went to my room immediately and put the dream catcher Mike gave me at the top of the tv cabinet. And guess what I really had a dream, and it was about a former classmate in elementary and she was my dance partner. And you won't believe this, when I opened my friendster account the following morning, she has a friend request to me. Gee! I haven't heard of her for years now. Well she has a family of her own now.

Fourth Instance. Something which happened in less than 24 hours, we had a car accident. Actually, I was in the backseat at that time, and while playing textwist and texting a thought comes on my mind that we are going to bump into another vehicle and guess what our car bumped a gasoline tanker! Gee! Good for us that there was only a slight damage on the hood of our car!

I know there are a lot of petty hunches I have experienced which actually turned into reality but sometimes I don't want to entertain them and blurt it out with my friends with the thought that I might be wrong or they might feel eerie about it. Hehe!

So, whether what I am experiencing right now is ESP or coincidence, you decide 'coz I am not quite absolute about it either! But don't worry if ever I get certain about it I'll keep you posted!

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