Sunday, July 22, 2007

My 100th Post

This is my 100th post. Well, cheers to that! haha! Blogging really helped me a lot in expressing my thoughts, most specially when there's no one to talk to. Writing your thoughts "on-line" through blogging somehow relieves me in a way. It's like I have someone talking with and sharing my thoughts.. Thanks to blogger!

I'm happy with my friends in Law School. I love the bond we have. Thanks to Mike,Nil and Mari and others that I have the confidence to go on with Law School. I'm happy that I have found a support group. Studying was never fun since the bond we have created.

Last Saturday, we went to Mari's Caz' place in Batangas and sang our hearts in the videoke! It was a long road trip yet it was fun. Most specially when we head home. Nil was racing with someone driving a toyota corolla. It was fun when Dos decided to help Nil in beating the driver of the toyota corolla, and we did! haha!

Law School: I was called in LTD, the last one! haha! It was like a guessing game for me.. Kamusta naman kasi ang pinagtatanong ni Judge Serrano, pang Civil Procedure na.. Anyway, it's ok, since I just slept in the library instead of studying and at least I don't have to worry next meeting.. =]

It was somehow a relaxed-week in law school.. We didn't have class in property, only a quiz.. We didn't have Sales and Banking! haha! The funny thing is during our negotiable instruments, I was somewhat scolded by Atty. Cabaneiro for wearing a t-shirt! haha! So, come thursday, Mike and I had a shopping spree! yihee! I bought five polo shirts and a new pair of shoes! The budget of P4,000 seems not enough! haha!

Hay, the house in Hillsborough is almost finished.. We're moving out soon.. I have mixed feelings, somehow, I have precious memories here in our house in Gruenville.

Well this is it for now.. =]

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