Thursday, November 4, 2010


It was just barely two months from the first time they’ve met, talked and shared moments together.

The chance meeting was just timely for him. He just came from a break up. Robert, a musician usually hangs out in a coffeeshop to grab his coffee, sit for awhile with his ipod on, while doing some sketches in his sketch pad, if not trying to scribble down notes which eventually becomes part of his compositions.

In the most unexpected time and circumstance, the coffeeshop Robert used to frequent did not open in its usual time of 6AM. But since, he is a patron of the said coffesshop, he waited for a couple of minutes. A few minutes elapsed and he heard someone humming. While sitting on the gutter with his heads on his knees clamped together, a woman stood in front of him. The woman asked her if he has a lighter.

Robert instantly looked at his pocket and handed over the lighter to the woman.
The woman started talking. She told that she’s a patron of the same coffeeshop and that she wouldn’t try any other coffee other than the one being served there. She told Robert that the coffee shop will open an hour late as was posted the other day. She asked Robert if it’s okay that she sit beside him while waiting for the coffeeshop to open.

And so the woman continued talking. “You look like a musician.”, she said.
“Why did you say that?”, Robert replied.

Woman: “Hmm. You have long hair, you have a tattoo, and you have a sketchpad and a pen and, is that a notebook?.(the woman trying to get a hold of the notebook).”

Robert: Hmm, you’re pretty observant huh?!. So what do you do for a living?

Woman: Hmm.. Im a freelance photographer.

Well that’s cool. So where’s your camera?

It’s not with me right now. I left it in my place.

While the two continued talking, they didn’t notice that the coffeeshop is already open. It was only when he heard the stomach of the woman did some sound which signifies she’s starving that they’ve realized that they’ve been talking for quite a long time.

So they decided to go inside the coffeeshop and had breakfast. They continued talking and talking like they’re the only persons in the room, as if they’ve known each other for so long.

This scene at the coffeeshop became a daily thing for the two. No doubt they really enjoyed each other’s company.

Until one day, two months from the first time they have met, the woman didn’t show up in the coffeeshop. Robert waited for a few hours but still no sign of the woman was seen.

Robert continued to wait for the girl everytime he drops by at the coffeeshop. But still no sign nor shadow of the woman was seen.
Until one day, in the very same spot they usually sit and talk, he saw a note. The note says:

“I’m sorry but, I know you’re falling for me, I can see it in your eyes. And I don’t want that to happen. I don’t want you to fall for me.. That’s why I decided not to show up anymore.. We’ll see each other again, I know, in time..”

Robert was heartbroken. His strong yet faint heart never expected how swift their moments together would end.

Robert walked down the road. It was almost dusk. He walked, and walked, wondering why she would just left like that without even talking..

When Robert reached the river bank, he stopped. He sat on a bench nearby and started strumming his guitar, not knowing that the woman was on the other side of the river humming the very song Robert heard the first time they’ve met..

*A 20-minute impromptu short story hehe.. So please bear with the typos/grammatical errors :)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Just watched recently "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Thought that the movie was a bore at first but I was mistaken. The plot, story and cinematography was superb. Now I'd like to share some quotes from the movie which I liked and somehow inspired me. Hope you too get inspired.

"For what it's worth, it was never too late, or in my case too early to be whoever you want to be, there's no time limit. Stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst time. I hope you make the best of it."

"You can be mad as a mad dog with the way things went. You can square and curse fate. But when it comes to the end you have to let go."

"Our lives depend on opportunities, even those that we missed."

"You'll never know what's coming for you."

"Life can only be understood backward. It must be lived forward."

For more information about the movie click HERE!


So it is my sembreak and as expected I need to unwind after a grueling semester. I need to forget everything that the semester that was. Well now you know the reason why I haven't updated this blog. Well there's not even much to talk about except my minor "extra-curricular activities"(insert evil grin haha!), since I was stuck in my law books.

Now, unwind to me means booze and party! But why in the world am I being a health freak right now?

Alright, to cut the long intro to this blog, I just found out I have ulcer. How timely was that? Two straight days that I have been feeling this pain in my abdomen that if only I had a gun I've pointed and pulled the trigger to it. The pain was excruciating. I had to forced myself to vomit just to release everything in my stomach and feel better.

So upon recommendation, I have to withdraw from taking alcohol, smoking, caffeine and carbonated drinks. So how am I going to enjoy the rest of my vacation? Damn stress that law school I have to endure, the ulcer must have been triggered by too much coffee and energy drink I drank during my hell week, that is my finals week and the pack of cigarettes I smoked, aside from the occassional "have-to-skip-meals" just to finish my readings or to sleep for long hours to compensate for my all-nighters.

Well, thank God, I get to enjoy once in a while.

October 19.

First off, a friend had free passes at Punchline Comedy bar in Quezon City, he invited me to come with other friends. I had one beer which luckily didn't cause anything unpleasant inside my stomach. It was a fun night. It was actually my first time to go there. There we saw Ethel Booba, and other comedians who sometimes appear on TV.

Now when we went home and after we dropped off a friend somewhere in Las Pinas my friend who's driving suddenly forgot the way off to the main gate of the subdivision. We were for a few minutes lost. A friend in the back seat suddenly instructed that my friend who's driving increase the volume of the radio. Well for a few seconds I felt goosebumps. My friend in the back seat told us that we have a company inside the car. I don't know if it was a coincidence that we were lost for a few moments and my friend in the backseat felt an unknown spirit.

October 21.

A good of friend of mine treated me for lunch after I did her tax paper. During our lunch she invited me to come at Pink Sisters, Tagaytay. I am not a religious person. But I think when you're in Law School if there's a chance that you could summon all the Gods to help you pass your subjects you would.

My friend often visits the Pink Sisters place, it is like a convent of sisters where people frequent if they have petitions or wishes. The sisters actually reply to your petitions so people usually indicate their addresses in the envelope where the petition is placed. We went there well mainly of course to pray and make a petition for us to pass our subjects, as well as our own personal wishes. We grabbed some snack after and then stopped by at some souvenirs and delicacies shop before we went home.

October 30

I was invited at a Halloween Party of my friend's advertising company. I really enjoyed this night. Since it was the first ever Halloween party I ever attended I was quite excited. I arrived at the party expecting that it was just a plain gathering. I was surprised that they really prepared for the event. There were decorations and they were in fact wearing costumes.

What I liked about the party was they invited a magician, Mr. Rickmann, if you're familiar with him he appeared at Talentadong Pinoy and other tv shows. Anyway, his tricks amazed us, though it is not uncommon for some of us to doubt but nevertheless he entertained us. He even revealed a trick to us which we could show to others and make a million pogi points.

October 31-November 1

All Saints Day/All Souls Day/Undas whatever you might call it, is one of the holidays of the year along with the Lenten Season which I don't like to come moreso to be observed. I know it's a time when we can relax and forget about our work or school for a moment, and remember our loved ones (which we can do anytime of the day) but I just don't like the idea that things are not normal. As I or you could have observed, you cannot see a lot of people on the streets, some malls are closed or if not, they open not in the usual time, there is no rush hour (though there are still traffic jam in some areas), people seem to be just laidback.

So, on the 31st day of October, I woke up early. Went to a nearby Mcdonald's to have breakfast and stayed for awhile while checking my social networking sites, thanks for the free wifi Mcdonald's! I went home to take a shower and meet up with my mom. After that I went to hear mass which I haven't done for quite sometime.

After hearing the mass, I decided to text a friend to accompany me to watch a movie, but she declined. So I texted another friend of mine, but he insisted that I go to SM Bacoor and meet him there. So instead of watching a movie we just strolled around. Until a friend of mine who's in Pampanga asked me if I want to go there. My friend who's just beside me overheard it, and so he insisted for us to have a Road Trip right there and then. Without any hesitations. Without any clothes or grooming stuffs. He, who's just wearing shorts and sandals, and I went off to Pampanga.

We arrived at Pampanga at around 12 midnight. My friend met us at the terminal and he decided to bring us first to the so-called Red Light District haha! After that we decided to find a place to stay. After finding a cheap motel where we can all fit in, we headed to a nearby bar and restaurant and grab a few drinks and food.

After the waiter signaled us that it's the last call already, we decided to call it a night.

We checked out from the motel at around 10AM. We headed to a nearby restaurant to have brunch but most of them were closed. Luckily there's a mall in there which has a restaurant open at that time so we just settled for it.

When the mall opened, we decided to stroll around. For the lack of time we didn't get the chance to go to Clark Pampanga. We decided to go home early as we have anticipated the heavy traffic of those going back to Manila. Luckily we arrived at North Edsa before the traffic buildup. So we headed to Trinoma and stroll again. After an hour we felt exhausted and so we decided to take the MRT to Ayala. When we reached Ayala we went to Glorietta and had dinner. After the dinner, we headed to Alabang and went home. It was fun, yet I found out that I just spent almost 3 thousand for that road trip, oh man!

Now, I'm trying to figure out if I'll succumbed to the CWC Camsur invite! Goodluck to my wallet and bank account!


Back to my ulcer, I just realized that I gained something (though not worth bragging! hehe)which Kurt Cobain has! I have a stomach disease like him! haha!!

Well, seriously I just hope this ulcer won't get in the way of my studies this semester, this semester is a make or break semester for me! So I need not be 'Pasaway' and 'Matigas ang Ulo' and MUST avoid my vices.


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