Thursday, November 4, 2010


It was just barely two months from the first time they’ve met, talked and shared moments together.

The chance meeting was just timely for him. He just came from a break up. Robert, a musician usually hangs out in a coffeeshop to grab his coffee, sit for awhile with his ipod on, while doing some sketches in his sketch pad, if not trying to scribble down notes which eventually becomes part of his compositions.

In the most unexpected time and circumstance, the coffeeshop Robert used to frequent did not open in its usual time of 6AM. But since, he is a patron of the said coffesshop, he waited for a couple of minutes. A few minutes elapsed and he heard someone humming. While sitting on the gutter with his heads on his knees clamped together, a woman stood in front of him. The woman asked her if he has a lighter.

Robert instantly looked at his pocket and handed over the lighter to the woman.
The woman started talking. She told that she’s a patron of the same coffeeshop and that she wouldn’t try any other coffee other than the one being served there. She told Robert that the coffee shop will open an hour late as was posted the other day. She asked Robert if it’s okay that she sit beside him while waiting for the coffeeshop to open.

And so the woman continued talking. “You look like a musician.”, she said.
“Why did you say that?”, Robert replied.

Woman: “Hmm. You have long hair, you have a tattoo, and you have a sketchpad and a pen and, is that a notebook?.(the woman trying to get a hold of the notebook).”

Robert: Hmm, you’re pretty observant huh?!. So what do you do for a living?

Woman: Hmm.. Im a freelance photographer.

Well that’s cool. So where’s your camera?

It’s not with me right now. I left it in my place.

While the two continued talking, they didn’t notice that the coffeeshop is already open. It was only when he heard the stomach of the woman did some sound which signifies she’s starving that they’ve realized that they’ve been talking for quite a long time.

So they decided to go inside the coffeeshop and had breakfast. They continued talking and talking like they’re the only persons in the room, as if they’ve known each other for so long.

This scene at the coffeeshop became a daily thing for the two. No doubt they really enjoyed each other’s company.

Until one day, two months from the first time they have met, the woman didn’t show up in the coffeeshop. Robert waited for a few hours but still no sign of the woman was seen.

Robert continued to wait for the girl everytime he drops by at the coffeeshop. But still no sign nor shadow of the woman was seen.
Until one day, in the very same spot they usually sit and talk, he saw a note. The note says:

“I’m sorry but, I know you’re falling for me, I can see it in your eyes. And I don’t want that to happen. I don’t want you to fall for me.. That’s why I decided not to show up anymore.. We’ll see each other again, I know, in time..”

Robert was heartbroken. His strong yet faint heart never expected how swift their moments together would end.

Robert walked down the road. It was almost dusk. He walked, and walked, wondering why she would just left like that without even talking..

When Robert reached the river bank, he stopped. He sat on a bench nearby and started strumming his guitar, not knowing that the woman was on the other side of the river humming the very song Robert heard the first time they’ve met..

*A 20-minute impromptu short story hehe.. So please bear with the typos/grammatical errors :)

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zeb said...

the man who can't be move.. :D

zeb said...

the man who can't be move :D

gillboard said...

kawawa naman si robert. :(

Jepoy said...

may pinag huhugutan papi?

HOMER said...

@zebzeb hehe! di talaga maka move hehe!

@gillboard onga eh kawawa pero baka magkita pa sila.. :)

@jepoy haha! secret hehe! wala naman product of my imagination lang, palagi kasi ako nasa coffeeshop haha! pero di ako yan. :D

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