Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Law Student Code

Found this so-called "Law Student Code" over the net and I think it's worth sharing for all law students and those interested in entering the field of law.

Here are some of the Articles of the said code, which I could say are 100% TRUE. Thank God I've done with all of these!

For more of the Articles click HERE!

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gillboard said...

i've seen alot of this from people back in college. reminded me why i did not push through with law school. :)

HOMER said...

why not gillboard? pwede naman wala namang age requirement. :)

gillboard said...

di na din. can't see myself drowning the hours in front of a book/s.

i'm happy where i am. :D

gillboard said...

atty. got something for you.

HOMER said...

uy thanks gill. paano ba makukuha yan? hehe!

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