Friday, April 15, 2011

Dreamer's Manifesto

*I thought I'd share this to you guys, posted in Facebook by a former classmate, now lawyer.

by: Jourdan Sebastian

I, (State your name) i.e. HOMER, choose to live a life of adventure, excitement, service, joy, spontaneity and love. I choose to love. And as I love I live. As I live I give. As I give I serve. As I serve I step closer to the reality of my dreams. I will dream. I will dream big and amazing and spectacular and awesome dreams.

I will live my dreams and not compromise for the sake of security or safety or comfort. I will jump-out of my comfort zone and embrace change. Change, whom I fear. Change, whom I dread. I will seek to live beyond what I can, believing that the God whom I trust is much, much bigger and greater than any obstacle I may face. I will face my fear. I will stop running away from it and turn around. And when I am face-to-face and eye-to-eye with it I will grab the bull by its balls and make it scream surrender.

I surrender. I surrender to my great Destiny, knowing deep in my heart I am destined for excellence I am destined for greatness. Not mediocrity, not conformity. Not in arrogance but with the mantle of humility placed upon me. Because this is not about me. This is about humanity. I will persevere for the sake of humanity, who need men inflamed by passion that will ignite the hearts of the timid and fearful souls to push on and soar higher.

And I will do all this not ten years from now when I am free.

Not five years from now when I have the money.

Not one year from now when I am ready.

Not one month from now when all is steady.

Not one week from now when I know how.

Not even tomorrow because tomorrow is far from now.

I will live my dreams now and I will act now

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