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So it's been months already since I posted something here. Pre-occupied by some things which I cannot tell you guys exactly. But one of them is I wanted to spend some time with some people special to me that's why.

So since year 2009 is about to end in a few hours I'd like to post a year-ender post.

I'd like to start by asking myself (which question might be running on your mind lately, well if you miss me, lol!) what I've been up to for a couple of months. Well, here you go, I'll try to reckon every moment and I hope my memory serves me well.

1. I concentrated on my studies
2. Met someone at an unexpected time and circumstance. Talk about Typhoon Ondoy. Well this someone became a special one which I don't want to elaborate anymore. It's just too overwhelming to wallow this one out.
3. Moved in my new condo which by the way is still not fully furnished though livable. Started a pseudo-independent living. (pseudo, because my mom still pays for everything!, but I hope with fingers crossed I could proudly say I'm fully independent after my first pay check!, well got to find a job first!).
4. In relation to number 3 I'm starting to experience first hand, doing household chores which is a first time. I've experienced doing my own laundry and scrubbing the tiles of my bathroom which kinda sucks. But it's only a matter of time and I'd get a hand of it.
5. In relation to number 3 and 4, BOOZE. BOOZE and more BOOZE haha! The perks of living alone is I have all the time to party and chill! But at the end of the day or night? haha!, I'm still alone in my condo, well save for exceptional circumstances! ;-)
6. I closed my first car-sales transaction and got an extra money to buy a new high-end phone hehe! (which Mom doesn't know yet! haha!)
7. I got hired in a Korean English Tutorial School, but had a conflict with my sked at school so have to decline pursuing it.
8. I went on "Facebook Rehab" for my addiction to its applications, which by the way is successful.
9. Celebrated my first Christmas with a friend in a hotel and grabbed some beer at a gas station. Continued the celebration at my Condo with my brother. But was bedridden the whole day because of colds.
10. Received a VERY VERY VERY BAD NEWS. Too bad I have to endure it even before the new year starts. Thanks to booze and the entertainment brought by the band in the bar I went to last night.

So it's less than 6 hours before NEW YEAR and I don't know if there's something wrong with me not going out to celebrate it with friends or relatives. I'm no scrooge by the way, maybe I'm just too lazy to go out and yeah maybe I'm not getting younger to celebrate it; or I just had enough of celebrations; or there's really nothing to celebrate; or maybe it's just me, I just do find joy in solitude. Hahaha!!

On second thought!, medyo sad din pala, even if I have a lot of friends, I still feel left-out.. :(

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DETH said...

asus naipagyabang na kagad ang paglalaba at paglilinis...ahahaha:D

ENS said...

Happy New Year left out sad guy...
ako din tinatamad din...
parang yawn pala... contagious...
o baka nagkataon lang...

have a Blessed 2010...

Anonymous said... still have 365 days to feel happy :D

Mga Epal said...

Happy You Year! Manigong "sana kumpleto pa ang mga daliri nyo" sa inyong lahat!

HOMER said...

@deth lol hindi ko kaya pinagyayabang sinasabi ko lang haha!

@ens contagious ba hehe?? may pumick-up naman sakin dito na friend at naging masaya naman ang pagsalubong sa new year hehe

@chikletz oo nga chikletz ill keep that in mind hehe!

@epal thanks

Anonymous said...

hapi new year! :) tagal nawala ah :D mabuti naman at naglilinis k pla. haha. wala lang.

HOMER said...

Hi kox salamat ehhe! happy new year din! namiss kita haha!

Jepoy said...

Happy New Year Atty Homer! Napapadaan parin ako dito sa 'twing may bago. Chin up and smile brother! nasa paligid ligid lang ang happiness mo :-D

HOMER said...

ahaha!! salamat jepoy may ATTY talaga baka majinx ako at di pumasa ng bar haha!

Nasa paligid lang ba si happiness haha! sana makita ko na haha!

Anonymous said...

Belated happy new year pare!

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