Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tax Benefit

Our professor in Tax 2 told us her own story of coping up with Law School. During the times when she's just starting she realized how hard law school is. So far from her expectation. She thought that after her bachelor's degree in the same university, law school will be easy. Aside from the pile of books and cases to be read, it's hard for a commuter like her to find enough time to study. And so after one semester or two (if I'm not mistaken) she took a leave of absence just to think if she really wants to be a lawyer.

Listening through her story, I pictured myself during those times when I was confused if I really wanted to be a lawyer. I remember those times when I am having a hard time focusing on my studies. Those times were really tough because I really do not know exactly what I want to do in my life. There are times when I want to get a job because I want to earn money to buy the things I want. It's just hard to see myself still living dependently with my parents. With my age, I felt I just need to move out.

Listening to her story, I got inspired. Well, aside from the constant inspiration she gives me everytime she holds class (hehe!!), her story was an inspiration to me. Sort of a tax benefit! :) I never believed a bar-topnotcher like her would experience the difficulty and confusion I've once experienced. I admired her strength in coping up with said confusion.

Reflecting on what she told in class last Monday, I can say that I really want to be a lawyer and I believe despite the failures I experienced or yet to experience, no one would hinder my dream, except myself. So from this moment on, I'll stop procrastinating, and FOCUS on my goal!

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JM said...

I would guess na incoming 4th year law student ka,

Akala ko ako lang ang ganito, bro there are so many obstacle out there and I dont know If I can beat them, sigh gud thing you bumped into my blog, kagaya nga ng sabi mo may nakita kang kagaya ng mundo mo,hehe

nice to meet you bro!

HOMER said...

Yup, incoming fourth year na ko,(hopefully) our grades are not yet out eh. Anyway, if you need help onm anything, digests or reviewers just hit me up.

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