Tuesday, November 25, 2008


And so I failed again for the second time in one of my subjects, Law on Intellectual property that is. I got 69! . Isn't that something I should be ashamed of!? Like insurance, I was somewhat expecting it, since I incurred a lot of absences, and I was SO DAMN LUCKY to get called in the recitation in one of those absences!

I felt bad when I got the news that I failed in a minor subject, AGAIN!, who wouldn't? I was not really surprised since I conditioned myself on all the possibilities, good or bad. But I am not ready to accept the fact that there was no break down of the grades. There was not even the slightest mark of transparency. One would ask how our grades were computed? What was the basis/es of our grades, when we didn't even know the results of the midterm nor the final exams?

Someone told me to ask a reconsideration of my grade. But I think I would just create another injustice when there are others who failed whose grades are above mine and are just behind a few percentage to pass.

So, as of the last count I already have 2 back subjects with an equivalent of 4 units. Well, I can still finish law school in 4 years, since I can overload a maximum of 6 units, but damn, it will be a hassle for me since there would be some conflict in my schedule if ever I would take those back subjects in the fourth year.

As I always say, which is so much a cliche, there are reasons why things happen.. And I know for sure that there are reasons if ever I wouldn't be able to graduate in four years time. And I am very much willing to accept it.

Now, just a thought..
Does injustice start in Law School? Well for me, it does..

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