Wednesday, March 19, 2008


At last! The term has officially ended. After the exams in bus. org. Nil, Mari, Hazel and I had dinner at Giligan's. The planned metro bar qc thing was not pursued, instead we went to Tagaytay, with Jamie and Jem (Nil's sister). It was one cool night to remember, Jamie was so funny and Jem was full of stories!! It was really fun sharing laughs and stories with them!!

A lot of things happened for sem that was, but somehow it made me realized a lot of things and learned a lot!

Despite, the stress that the sem gave me, academically and with the relationships I have with others, well I managed to survived and I know that when another school year begins it's going to be back to square one! And definitely when that day comes, I know I will be ready, but for now I should be enjoying the summer!

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