Friday, September 28, 2007

Feeling bad about Midterms

I felt bad, and still is, when I've found out that a considerable number of students from the other class in our Sales passed the exams and even their midterm grade, when there's none in our class who passed the exams, though there's someone who got 75 in his midterm grade. I just felt bad for the class. Parang lumalabas tuloy 'boplaks' kami, as one of my blockmate has put it. I even opened the issue that the block is always being given professors who are far more terrorizing than with other sections, but though it's an advantage, as the training is far better..

I am somehow motivated to study HARDER, lalo na ngayon that professors seem to have agreed to terrorize and give us a hard time! Enough of too much sleep, of too much procrastination, of too much laziness.. Aral to the max na talaga, and study smart and memorize, memorize a lot and analyze harder!

Well I just hope the class would do good in the finals! God Bless to us!

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